Thursday, June 28, 2012

Trippy Travelogue by ~Closetshipper on deviantART Greetings as well as salutations, ladies and gentlemen! And welcome to another eductional travelogue! I am your host, Slamson J. Wallaby! And this is my assistant, Kasey T. Kockroach. Say hello to the children, Mr Kockroach. Kasey: Hello to the children, Mr Kockroach. Slam: Now then, today we are travelling to the long-lost contitent of Svenskiatootsdoo! Firstly, one must gather and tightly contain the materials neccesary for a safe journey! Kasey brings out a suitcase, to provide a visual example as Slam lists the materials. Slam of course only lists weaponry and nothing else, since to them that's all you need. Slam: Now then, while I secure our belongings, Mr Kockroach will attend to our means of transportation. Kasey hands Slam a rope. "Hold dis, will ya pal?". Slam takes it without even glancing aside, still holding his proud grin to us. "Oh yes, of course!" he responds without bothering to turn his head. He then elaborates on the place they are going to travel to, a society that annually has a violent war in celebration of the cherished art of fighting. Slam of course assures us we're only travelling there for educational purposes. "Now then, I believe Mr Kockroach has booked our plane tickets by now. Are you ready, assistant?". Kasey: Yeah, I'm ready! Slam (still holding onto the rope): Splendid! When are we leaving? Kasey (we now zoom out to see what was on the other end of the rope...A lit rocket labeled "Svenskiatootsdoo or Bust"): Any second now.... By the time Slam turns his head, does a take, and shrieks in horror, the rocket takes off, Kasey riding, Slam holding onto the rope for dear life. Thus is the opening to Trippy Travelogue, because I didn't feel like writing that on this one page.
Picnic Basket Case by ~Closetshipper on deviantART
Marsupial on the Moon by ~Closetshipper on deviantART
Hot Tub Killing Machine by ~Closetshipper on deviantART
Cockroach kills Wallaby by ~Closetshipper on deviantART
Drawing by ~Closetshipper on deviantART

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