Monday, November 22, 2010

The nerdy (and mute) witch girl Nikita Salas, her pet snake Bozo, Ralph the magical fly, Nelson the viking caterpillar, her older sister Bella, and her adopted caretaker, Granmama.

The purple-pajama wearing "superhero" (said in quotes as he has no powers or gadgets, just his pajamas and his unicycle), Severin-Boy, his mute infant sidekick Mega Baby and his robot-zombie girlfriend Jennifer.

And finally, the two ferociously devious, sadistic, cruel, determined, equally dim, relentless rivals, Slam Wallaby & Kasey Kockroach.
Scrappy Duck, Madame Madam', Salty Sabretooth, Lolita the goldfish, Stupy Bunny and Earl aren't really tied to any particular series (they're pretty much used whenever needed in a S&K, SB or Nikita short), so I didn't draw them yet.

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