Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Name is Earl

This is Earl, one of the very few supporting characters in the S&K shorts (there's also Kasey's nephew Pupert Tick, who was used in four shorts, while Scrappy Duck the obnoxiously adorable chatterbox whom was the object of S&K's hunger for duck soup, lasted just as long). I considered him the more versatile, easy to use character, as I could pretty much pull him out any time I need a third character in a storyline, whether he's a sergeant attempting to keep his army base in one piece (an impossible task once Slam & Kasey are drafted), or a chief police officer who scolds fellow officer Slamson for being unable to catch bank robber Kasey, etc. He appears in The Old Army Game, Screwball Serenade (a bodyguard of whom Kasey has to subdue in order to get past the mansion gate to woo a lovely butterfly chick), Nap Happy, Do Not Distoib, Love Dat Kid, Slicked Up Hick (the last two being take-offs of Spike & Tyke), Cop Out and a few more I might be forgetting. As for his voice, try to picture him being voiced by the same guy who did the construction worker in Homeless Hare.

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