Thursday, January 21, 2010

S&K's Ninth Birthday

Yes, "TENTH ANNIVERSARY" sounds better, but I wanted to do this in case I forget next year. This isn't the anniversary of their creation, but them becoming psychotic rivals a year after solo comics and stories. The one with the rocket is a remake of the very first drawing I ever did when the idea of making the two a duo came up.
January 21st isn't the EXACT date, but January twas indeed ze month.


Jan said...

We should make this a worldwide celebration! All the schools should be closed, and everyone should get a day off work. There should be parades and floats and fireworks and confetti and partying in the streets. Huge hydrogen blimps with Slam & Kasey painted onto them should inundate the skies. The president himself should wear a Slam & Kasey T-shirt and jail anyone who doesn't want to wear one. Millions of aphids should be poured out of an aeroplane onto the jubilant crowds below. They should get into peoples' eyes and up their nostrils and down their throats, and if anyone DARED to squish an aphid they would be shot in the head by Kasey's personal bodyguards dressed in ant costumes. Television screens as big as houses should play Slam & Kasey cartoons non-stop, and the libraries should be flooded with Slam & Kasey scripts and art books. Pixar and Dreamworks animation studios should be nuked and replaced with a lavish 'Sitting Gator Productions' building. THE WHOLE WORLD SHOULD GO INSANE WITH HAPPINESS!!!!!!!

Kasey said...

You scare me.