Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween Movie Night

Why, no, neither of those traumatized me as a kid, why do you ask...?


Jan said...

Ha! I had to have the light on in my bedroom at night for three weeks after watching 'The Exorcist!' But the real topper is Family Guy. Compared with the latter, the Exorcist is as scary as a Pluto cartoon. If my television was stuck on a channel showing nothing but Family Guy repeats, then I'd blow up the living room with trinitrotoluene. Nobody has to stand for such evil.

Kasey said...

That's nothin. In my house, it's ENDLESS viewings of Spongebob, due to my little brother's obsession. Every time I hear that laugh, I retreat to my room to either play Paper Mario: TYD or watch cartoons. It's not that Spongebob is worse, but at least all of my viewings of Family Guy have been by choice.