Friday, August 28, 2009

I'd rather go through medieval torture, while watching Bee at the Beach, while also watching every single post-shutdown McKimson, then sit through another school "pep rally". However, the gruesome horror I went through today did inspire one of these drawings.


esahC said...

Huh. small world. My school had one too.

And come on, pep ralleys aren't THAT bad my friend. Stupid? Yes. Torture? Not really.

And come, Mckimson made SOME half-decent cartoons in that period. Oh wait, you're in the classic cartoon elitism fanclub. Nevermind. Back to my general cartoon fan fanclub. :p

Kasey said...

I dare you to watch Mother was a Rooster, Strangled Eggs and Pre-Hysterical Hare. =P

esahC said...

Pre-Hysterical Hare? NOOOOO thank you. :p