Sunday, April 20, 2008

I don't know how old this is, but...

I think all racists are THE most ignorant people on earth. I'm not trying to exaggerate the least bit,I really and truly do think that. You may accuse me of stereotyping if you like, but how can you take a person who hates another person just because their a different color seriously? Ignorance is a frustrating thing to see.
To prove a point of all racists being ignorant bastards, take one of the banned members from GAC for instance.
Next to last post from this fellow was...
"I'm a racist, and I'm sicking of my point of view being called evil, disgusting, and silenced. I'm so sick of all this political correctness. And it wasn't movies like this which made me racist, it was honest thought and common sense. I'm not here to proseletyze racism, this is a cartoon forum, but it is possible for there to be educated people who hold different points of view from yours."
"Sultan" could've easily just stated his view on racism, like any atheists are capable of doing, without making any insulting comments. He could've just stated his view, insult-free, and he probaly would've been fine.Instead, he decides to make a racist comment while he's at it.
"It was honest thought and common sense".
Racism is just a joke at my school, with black kids sarcastically calling other races "Cracker Jack racists" often.
I apologize if this has dissolved into a pointless rant, but one has to vent sometimes when his family's motto is "Love Thy Enemy" no matter what the situation.


Roberto said...

It's good for you to be back, Kasey. Sorry about the death of your grandfather.

That Sultan fellow sounds like a complete ignoramus who contradicted his own statement.

"And it wasn't movies like this which made me racist, it was honest thought and common sense."

Racism isn't "honest thought and common sense." It's an ignorant view of another race. Of course, this is coming from a loser who actually likes those un-PC stereotypes.

Searching For Charlotte said...

Good for you!!
It sounds like you're lucky though. A lot of kids are actually taught to hate. I was one. Your parents tell you there's a Santa Clause- you believe them. Your parents tell you there's a God- you believe them. Your parents tell you black people are bad....

As a parent, I try to keep this in mind when dealing with my kids. I don't want them to believe the things I believe just because. I want them to question everything and discover their own truths.

Something I actually heard:
"I try not to be racist, but they keep proving me right." And this came out of the mouth of my ex. I can't help but fear he's polluting my daughter's mind no matter how much I tell her the opposite. got me on a roll.
Good blog! Just remember not to hate all racists or you are doing the very thing you despise. And not all are a lost cause.